Mirror Pink Brogues

Mirror Pink Brogues


Mirror Pink Brogues are this season’s must-have flats, they will leave you feeling footloose and fancy free. A fabulous pair of shoes for the fashionista, they have been meticulously handcrafted from the finest Italian leather, beautifully embellished with brogue perforations, and polished to perfection to create the metallic mirror shine that demands attention.

A tomboy shoe with flirty, feminine appeal, these Mirror Pink Brogues feature a tan leather hand-stitched sole for contrast, a rounded heel with a rubber tip for stability, a gently curved toe, and matching pink laces that allow quick and easy dressing.

For comfort, these Mirror Pink Brogues are lined with luxuriously soft cushioning, which supports the foot as you go about your daily life and dance late into the night. Chic, stylish, and right on trend for the coming season, they belong in every modern footwear collection. 

·       100% Italian leather upper, inner and sole

·       Handmade, hand stitched, hand finished

·       Cushioned interior

·       Rounded toe with brogue perforations

·       Metallic pink finish

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